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"We (were) working on a complicated project and Roy brought excellent advice and intuition into solving a challenging problem. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with great insight and experience and would make an excellent mentor. He has been one for me."

Make Everyone Part Of The Solution

"... very valuable is his ability to meet with a wide variety of people in an organization and to meet each of them as an equal."

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Are you bleeding profits without knowing it?

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, seasoned senior executive or departmental manager, traditional business or bleeding-edge hi-tech, offering tangible products or intangible services, you must deliver what your customers want at a price they are willing to pay and within a time-frame and other constraints they will accept. And do all this better than your competitors who are doing their very best to get your customers away from you

Even the most advanced and elegant strategy must be considered a failure
unless and until it is sustainably operational.

When you look at your business operations -

before Sequeira Consulting

Is this what you see?

after Sequeira Consulting

Isn't this better?

Are you trapped in an endless cycle of uncovering issues, resolving them, and waiting for the results to show up on your bottom line only to see some short-lived improvement before things go back to the unacceptable way they were?

If your business is taking you to the cleaners?
Bring "The Cleaner" in

Roy Sequeira - The Cleaner - is the man for you. He views your organization holistically while keeping a steadfast focus on the bottom line. While staying focused on resolving the immediate problem at hand, he also looks around at other affected functions to see if they too can be included in the solution he is crafting. If needed, he draws in subject-matter specialists and coordinates their efforts towards the desired "holistic" solution. This approach helps ensure an optimal and synchronized set of changes that results in a "clean" organization.

Whether you need a coach, guide, mentor, or someone to listen and really understand and then help you make the right decision, do call 971-217-7860 for help in achieving a breakthrough.

Roy believes you prefer Results You Can Rely On to pretty reports in fancy binders

So does he!

Avoiding and eliminating "pretty and fancy but unproductive frills" gets results faster
puts more money in your pocket.

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